Wonderful title work from Rich Nosworthy for this year’s Pause Fest in Melbourne. Extra bonus is the Breakdown video showing a lot of the rigging and scene files in Cinema 4D

Pause 2014 ID – Airspace from rich nosworthy on Vimeo.

Created for Pause Fest Melbourne 2014 – http://www.pausefest.com.au/
Animation & Direction – Rich Nosworthy – http://www.generatormotion.com/
Sound Design & Music – Sonosanctus – http://sonosanctus.com/

Was honoured to be invited along with other great animators, designers & studios to create an ident for this year’s Pause Fest in Melbourne. The theme was ‘connected’, and ideas were very loosely formed based on sketchbook doodles and some amazing early sound concepts from the very talented Wes Slover of Sono Sanctus. After trying out a lot of stuff, here’s what came out:

Airspace – Based on the theme of the creative community, as we travel through our differing ideas and inspiration together. Each interaction shapes and shifts the overall result, but the hope of creating something new and unique gives us reason to keep doing what we do. And of course who doesn’t like a levitating giant squid monster?

Best viewed in the dark with the headphones turned up loud.

Thanks to George, Caspian and the entire Pause Fest Crew for the opportunity, and thanks to Wesley for the incredible sound design. And extra thanks to Matt Westbrook for nuke assistance, fixing last minute render glitches

Download the Extended EP from Sono Sanctus here thebuffalo.bandcamp.com/album/airspace

View the shot overview / breakdown here http://vimeo.com/richnosworthy/airspacebreakdown

Airspace on Behance http://www.behance.net/gallery/Pause-ID-2014-Airspace/12319551

Making of

Airspace Breakdown from rich nosworthy on Vimeo.

A quick fly through of some of the concepts and scenes used in the Airspace idents for Pause Fest 2014.

Sound design by sono sanctus (www.sonosanctus.com)

1. Abandon the Old
2. Greybrik
3. Jungle Cats

Listen to more here www.thebuffalo.bandcamp.com/

Also thanks to http://www.helloluxx.com/ learned a heap for the end shot from his cloth rigging series.