Louis Vuitton Presents: Voyage dans le temps from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo.

• Director : Jérémie Rozan – Surface to Air/Iconoclast
• Director of photography : Martial Schmeltz
• Model : Alana Zimmer – Elite Models
• Producer : Juliette Lambert – SlowDance
• Location : Gema Solar plant – Torresol Energy
• Post production : Nightshift
• Music : Justice "Planisphere"

A vintage Limousine slowly enters what appears to be a mysterious futuristic installation that emerges out of the desert…

This is the starting point of a hypnotic journey, an initiation through time and space to Louis Vuitton's new collection. High Jewellery becomes an extra-sensorial experience through the kaleidoscope of the Monogram, the jewel as a talisman that bridges the past and the future. For Louis Vuitton, director Jérémie Rozan sends model Alana Zimmer to a universe between High Jewellery and science fiction.